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    CQLSW.NET   2018-08-25   信息来源:天同诉讼圈   作者:《亚洲法律顾问》
    核心提示:《亚洲法律顾问》的Patrick Dransfield有机会拜访了天同在北京紫禁城边美丽安静的中国传统四合院,采访了天同首席合伙人蒋勇,代表公司法务向他提出了一些问题。

    原文刊登于ASIAN-MENA COUNSELVolume 15 Issue 9, 2018


    Your stated aim is to live in a litigation-free world - a curious goal for a lawyer. Please describe Taintong’s mission and culture.


    Jiang Yong:There are couplets hanging in the main hall of our Siheyuan, saying if only everyone is litigation-free, it doesn’t matter that we are at an idle end. Just like good doctors won’t hope people get ill, we believe the value of a lawyer is helping people solve and avoid disputes. The mission of Tiantong is to participate in the construction of a legal ecosystem with more fairness and justice, and our culture is lead by the values of dedication, passion for excellence, innovation and openness. We expect to be a more constructive force in the legal ecosystem, maximize the value of lawyers, and make our contribution to the better realization of fairness and justice.



    Please describe the locations and the unusual design features of Tiantong’s offices in China and their rationale.


    Jiang Yong:I always believe that architecture is the best expression of brand. As a law firm concentrating on complex commercial and civil dispute resolution, we hope to express our passion for excellence through architectures. So, in Beijing, we choose the unique Siheyuan near the Forbidden City. In Nanjing, we choose the top floor of the famous Jin Ling Hotel’s Asia Pacific Business Building. In Shenzhen, we choose the top office of Ping An Financial Center, which is the 4th highest building in the world, to build the highest law firm in the world. In Chongqing, we choose the 52th floor of the World Financial Center to build the highest law firm in west China… All branch offices follow the same decoration style, presenting our ambition to build a law firm of integration across the nation.



    Tiantong has a higher winning rate among all Chinese law firms before the Supreme Court and various high courts of China - what factors do you think contribute to the firm’s success?


    Jiang Yong:I think the achievements we get today owe to our dedication. As I always said, dedication is the best gift in life, which could show us different sceneries. We concentrate on complex commercial and civil dispute resolution, so that we can explore it deeply, build our organization structure and business mode around it, and find the best way to deal with it. Thanks to our efforts continuously spent on such one thing in the past 16 years, we do it better and better.



    Tiantong is noted for hiring graduates from China’s top universities rather than lateral hires and yet also has the highest per lawyer revenues in China. Please describe how technology and the Millennial Generation / Generation Z are shaping Tiantong’s practice of law. Do you subscribe to the view that ‘law is a team sport’?


    Jiang Yong:The young generation brings energy and spirit of innovation to Tiantong’s legal practice. Their skillful use of technology and tools help Tiantong’s Three Magic Weapon of Litigation, especially the Visualization and Big Data of Cases, achieves better development. Growing up in the era of information explosion, they naturally have strong ability of information searching and processing, which is part of the essence of legal service. Also, their broad vision and interdisciplinary knowledge help them cope better with the cross-border challenge concerning issues of other fields.

    I totally agree that law is a team sport, and our business mode is just built on that idea. Traditionally, one lawyer deals with the whole process of a case alone, but now we break the process into different parts and handle it through teamwork. Secretaries deal with routine work, assistants to litigator deal with supplementary matters such as legal research, litigators determine litigation strategy, and partners lead the whole program. In this way, we make legal service more efficient.




    Tiantong first came to our attention with regards to the firm’s embracement of technology and Social Media, including having over 400,000 WeChat subscribers to the firm’s content. Please describe both the genesis and development of these innovations.


    Jiang Yong:Such innovations are closely linked with our spirit of openness and sharing. We are always glad to share our experience, progress together with our industry, and make contribution to our legal ecosystem. The rising of mobile Internet perfectly corresponds to such spirit. When we share our experience through articles, people who are interested in this field gather around naturally. Valuable and useful content can be communicated widely and accurately in this age. It is the constant high-quality sharing that makes us recognized by loads of legal practitioners.



    In the past, most of Tiantong’s cases have been referrals from other private practice lawyers rather than directly from clients. As In-House teams have grown in size and sophistication, do you see a change in who engages you?


    Jiang Yong:The source of our cases differs in different periods. In the earliest period, we got most cases directly from in-House. Afterwards, since more and more lawyersrecognizedour proficiency, they were glad to refer cases to us or invite us to collaborate with them. The amount of cases referred by lawyers gradually grows up to nearly the same with cases from in-House. In recent years, as our influence among in-house community grows, many in-house counsels prefer to contact with us directly. Such cases increase obviously as a result.



    Jiang Yong, your career prior to founding Tiantong included being a judge on the Chinese Supreme Court. Do you think that this perspective allowed you to recognize business opportunities in Chinese litigation that was not appreciated by your corporate law peers?


    Jiang Yong:Yes. When I was in the Supreme Court, I found many lawyers didn’t have comprehensive cognition towards litigation. The idea that competition in litigation is the competition of Guanxi was quite popular at that time. But I knew that although the legal environment did have drawbacks, it was progressing as a whole. In most cases, lawyers lost cases not because of the malpractice of justices, but the bad job did by themselves. They failed to persuade the judge. I believed if we put efforts in developing litigation skills, there would be vast market place, and that was why we developed Three Magic Weapon of Litigation in later years.

    Actually, along with the promotion of judicial reform in China, judges’ independent judgmentis increasingly valued, and lawyers’ ability to persuade judges becomes more important accordingly. We have been well prepared for that already. It’s just like buying stocks at a low point and waiting for its increasing.




    Who is your mentor?


    Jiang Yong:When I was in the third year of university, I followed Lawyer Tian Wenchang for practical practice. He is a famous criminal defense lawyer in China, and the way he works influenced me a lot. As to the law firm management, I learn a lot from McKinsey. The idea of Three Magic Weapon of Litigation is just inspired by them. When noticing they abstracted many common tools and ways out of personalized consulting business, I believe we can do similar things in the field of litigation. Besides, in the process of Tiantong’s national expansion, McKinsey’s understanding towards integration and their specific measures also inspire me a lot.


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